The widest range of services
you are entitled to expect
from a Judicial Officer

Labranche Walravens


1929 - 2019

Judicial Officers since 1929, our competences encompass the entire range of judicial and extrajudicial services that require the intervention of a public and ministerial officer.
At that, we have developed our own highly relevant and effective claims enforcement method.


The firm has all the skills you are entitled to expect from a Judicial Officer

Drafting of documents
Issuing documents: e.g. notices to appear in court (summonses).
Execution of judgments
Enforcing judgments: e.g. compelling a debtor to settle a debt as ordered by the courts.
Precautionary attachments
Precautionary attachments, i.e. freezing a person’s assets until the court has delivered a decision on the merits of the dispute.
Public sales
Compiling reports on (voluntary or judicial) sales by auction in an auction house or within the framework of bankruptcies.
Service of documents
Serving documents: e.g. presenting a person with a notice (summons) to appear in court or with a decision delivered by a judge (service).

Drawing up documents: e.g. protesting an unpaid bill of exchange or cheque.
Recovery of claims
Engaging in out-of-court debt settlement by issuing a debtor with formal notice.
Garnishments: e.g. seizing a portion of the salary of a borrower who fails to abide by his terms of contract.
Games - competitions
Supervising and reporting on or recording the results of competitions.
Issuing summonses on behalf of notaries public
Summonses to take cognizance of the articles and conditions of sale, of a higher bid, serving certified true copies, summonses to proceed with the ranking operations...
Statements of fact
Recording facts: e.g. compiling an inventory of furniture or merchandise, inspecting damage caused by water, observing the progress of construction work, recording facts that may be indicative of adultery (within the framework of divorce proceedings).
Debt mediation
Acting as debt mediator, i.e. negotiating a payment plan between a debtor and all his creditors.
Distribution of assets among creditors
Dividing the proceeds of a court-ordered sale or a sum of money seized between all the known creditors of a debtor.
Temporary administration
Acting as sequester or as temporary administrator by placing goods, at his responsibility, in a safe place until a judgment on the merits of the dispute has been delivered.


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